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As the pet food brand owner, are you still thinking hard on how to make your brand distinguish from your competitor’s brand to win the market shares ?


BSY helps to make your brand different advantageous from the competition by offering you the latest print and innovative packaging solutions; 

For the Pet Food Packaging Bag is what we’re about,we define ourshelf as a partner, not as only a packaging supplier to our customers,but the just in time delivery to challenge the deadline of each launch date to fulfill their commercial success ;

We have been working for the pet food industry for over 20 years,supplying the premium packaging materials to some of the biggest pet food brands in the world,from the wet pet food, dried pet food and natural treats with complete packaging solutions,start with concept to launch and graphics design to packaging manufacturing, also packaging stocks level management, we help you to launch a successful and profitable product; 


So please leave your packaging job to BSY, just focus on your core business !


Your success is our success !

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